Handloom Baby boy cotton kurtas for Durga Puja 2014

Buy kurta for baby boy

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Kolkata is the best place to buy clothes and enjoy Durga Puja in India

Bengalis love to enjoy and celebrate each moment of life whether it is a strike in kolkata, rally of mamata didi, election for MP or durga pujo celebration, they love to shout and get together.

If you never seen durga astami here in the city of joy, you can plan now, this place is best for shopping and party during pujo.

Party and shopping in bangalore

M G Road Shopping, Bangalore

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We are continuously adding value to handloom industry: Odisha Saree Store

Handloom industry is struggling for the survival due to the rival machine made products which can be produced quite quickly and at a cheaper price. This was leading to a lesser demand of handloom products in India. Now the need was identified that we need to reach to the mass of india who are not aware of that how much devotion and dedication is needed to create one handloom saree. Odisha Saree Store has taken an initiative to reach out to the people of the country and largely to the world presenting the Handloom products of India. After 2 years it seems like is now driving the pace and making the Handloom products available to the people of country and to world at a more reasonable price.


We have been able to reach out to the people who devotes much time on online shoppping and do not have time to go to the market and find some good thing for them. Giving variety of options to choose and making handloom saree within reach of many. The increasing demand obviously benefiting the manufacturers of the handloom saree or any other product. Giving them the legitimate price for their efforts and creating more and more demand which eventually reducing the price.


We are please to see smile on the faces who are creating these products and to the people who always wanted them to own one as well. Very recently Odisha saree store has got the export licence. we would now be able to facilitate with these creative beautiful Handloom sarees to the world by online shopping.

Do visit http://www.odishareestore.com for regularly updating catalogs.

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India Government Implements Strategy for Women’s Empowerment

The government has implemented national guidelines for empowerment of women with the idea of taking about their progress, improvement and empowerment.

The government’s guidelines and agendas are all expressed towards achieving complete growth, with exceptional focus on women, Women and Child Development Ministry tell this.

The government accepted the National Policy for Empowerment of Women in March 2001 with the purpose of carrying about improvement and empowerment of women and to abolish prejudice against them, said the ministry.

The government has also represented a high-level working group for a study on the position of women in India since 1989.

The survey will comprise calculates including proper plan involvements based on a current judgment of women’s requires.


Ms. Kiran Bedi speeches on a Women’s Empowerment Program

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Bomkai Sarees Online | Puja Wear Online

Bomkai sarees are produced at Subarnapur district of Odisha, India. The famous saree designs Bomkai are the conventional designs that was manufactured in the village named Bomkai of Ganjam district of Odisha. In the time of Ramai Dev the then monarch of Patna it was commenced in Sonepur. Sonepur handloom sarees, Sonepuri patas and silk sarees are famous items presented at different fashion events.


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Indian Handloom Products Online Shopping

India is vary much reach in handloom industry. Specially for handloom sarees, kurta, kurti,dhoti, shirts baby wears etc. States like Odisha and West Bengal are the pioneer of handloom products in India. Now you can buy online those handloom products. There are number of websites for online shopping. Weavers also got identity for the web presence. And they also get proper value for their work. Online shopping helps both buyers and sellers. Because, for this sellers got proper price for the products and buyers also get desired products with their budget. And, the big thing is the weavers they also measure for their creative efficiency. So, handloom products online shopping helps us all the way. Thanks to internet and  also e-Commerce system.


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9 Type of Job Fields People Like the Most to Work

Each person has his own choice of work and they select it as per their capability. Some enjoy their Job and few not. We have found some of the common jobs people mostly love to work in:

  1. Military
  2. Retail
  3. Transport and Moving
  4. Computer and IT
  5. Management
  6. Food Business
  7. Repair
  8. Financial
  9. School and Education
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Applique of Odisha now available for Online Shopping

Pipili odisha is famous for applique work and now we have started adding them in our online store. Keep looking them and you can buy anywhere from the world very soon as we are starting international shipping within a week.


applique shop

applique online shopping

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Good News for our International Customer

Good news for Handloom customers living outside india. We are starting International shipping very soon, slowly one by one all countries will be covered. To Start we are adding USA to our shipping zone.

After few days intervals we will add Singapore, Dubai, UK, Canada and Japan. Then rest counties. Now happy customers who want handloom sarees and other handicrafts of india can buy easily and get it deliver to their living address.


International handloom and handicrafts Shipping

International handloom and handicrafts Shipping

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Madhubala looks stunning in chiffon sarees.

Definitely you always want’s to dress up like madhubala? I love madhubala sarees because they are fashionable and stylish. Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is one of the most popular shows in colors. The beautiful actress Dhrasti Dhami appeared in many advertisement’s , dance program and many popular program’s.


Madhubala sari’s are always gorgeous because they are of different fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe and in many silk sarees which flatters to her body. Mostly she love to wear various color like red, yellow, pink, white, green and blacks. If you want’s to look like madhubala then try to buy saris from different online shopping stores.

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Jamdani in Lakme Fashion Week Mumbai 2014

One of Mumbai’s NIFT graduate presented the third day on Indian fashion festival Lakmé Fashion Week Winter 2014 with a Vietnam motivated collection known as Hooked.

Integrating the wealthy traditions of the extreme Eastern country with clues of modernity, the designer wove an artistic material show crafted from Tussar, silk, crushed cotton and hand woven woollen Jamdani. Developed with handmade designs of fish and clasp, the row was based on a sombre palette of black, white, purple and grey shades.

Everywhere in the world handmade garments are very well accepted. And Indian handloom products are very famous in India and abroad. Presently, we can access various types of goods from the internet and online shopping is very famous for hassle free marketing.


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Devkund waterfalls of odisha.

Devkund means the bathtub of gods and goddesses, it is situated at a distance of 60 km from baripada. There is a beautiful temple located near to the devkund waterfalls called Ambika Temple. Devi Ambika(part of goddess durga) temple is such a temple which can attracts every visitors. It is surrounded by a great waterfalls and thick forests.


The Ambika  temple was built by royal dynasty of mayurbhanj in 1940. On Durga pujo festivals Maa Ambika celebrate for nine days with a great pomp, specially women’s offers the puja for nine days called Navaratri. On Navaratri festivals women’s wear the new traditional silk saree and offers the puja to maa with a great devotee. Peoples give the new saree to Ambika Maa at the time of dusshera festivals for the well wishes of their home. For dusshera festivals people buy various design’s of silk saree from several online shopping stores.

The most interesting scene is that in devkund waterfalls large fish was there and they come closer to eat the prasad from your hand. Visit to odisha at the time of dusshera festivals. One more interesting is that there are colorful butterflies and bird’s are moving all around.

To visit this temple you can go through by bus or train. This place is perfect for picnic spot, sight seeing etc.




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Desi Sarees online shopping | Handwoven fabrics from Orissa | Global Shopping

Handloom are one way called desi sarees or fabrics made by poor desi weavers. If we want india shining we have to look back to our roots and help poor weavers, farmers in their daily jobs.

Demand for handwoven fabrics getting lower in india and people trying to show off with fashion clothes from foreign brands.



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Sambalpuri dress design for campus interview in college | Online Shopping

Most of college student have high ambition in their career path and want to be selected in their campus interview before leaving college. It is a case for both technical and non technical college students.

Every boys and girls want to look simple yet stylish on the campus interview day. They start online shopping their clothes before the day. Now as young college student knew the value of handloom clothes, boys generally wear khadi shirts and girls choose sambalpuri dress designs which are now available online for shopping.

buy dresses online

Dress designs for campus interview

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Indian women wear traditional saree in festivals.

In India several festivals held, but Ganesh Chaturthi is Starting festival of the year. Specially women’s welcome to ganesha for well wishes, so on that day women’s wear the traditional silk saree of different colors with matching bangles in their hand. Put the flowers(gajra) on their hair with different styles which gives them a beautiful look and good smell. Unmarried girl’s wear the kurti’s or salwar suit of different styles. They also decorate with matching bangles and jhumkas  for the festival. Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor wears the traditional blue silk saree with maharastrian styles on ganesh chaturthi festivals.



If you want’s to buy silk saree then try to buy from several online shopping stores or from traditional silk shops which is nearer to your home. So start shopping for fetsivals. It is a festival of joy and women’s buy the accessory with a warm smile in their face.

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