How to save traditional famous Indian Patachitra art from demolishing in this 21 century

For hundreds of years, India has been known for its traditions of art forms that have reflected the ideas and belief system of its cultural and folk practices. Over time, these art forms came to be featured in the realm of tradition Indian fashion items and decorative pieces. Among the many forms of art that have been practiced in India for hundreds and thousands of years, one of the forms that deserve special mention is the Patachitra art. The Patachitra is a form of traditional painting that has its roots in the culture and beliefs of Odisha. Noted for its fine detailing and intricacy, Patachitra art has a mesmerizing quality that makes each and every piece of work extremely beautiful.

The Patachitra art is known for its depiction of motifs and concepts that are derived from Hindu mythology, particularly the cult of the gods Jagannath and Vaishnava. All the colors that are used in these paintings are derived from natural sources and the paintings themselves are made in completely traditional ways that were once followed by the earliest chitrakaras. The Patachitra art is among the oldest and the most revered forms of painting or artwork that is still practiced Odisha. Its name “Patachitra” has been derived from the Sanskrit terms “pata” which means canvas, and “chitra” which means picture. Hence Patachitra art can be defined as a form of painting that is done on canvas. The application of rich colorful shades, highly creative designs and motifs, and depiction of simple themes taken from mythological sources make Patachitra art unique in its own way.

Indian Traditional Patachitra Art on Sarees

Indian Traditional Patachitra Art on Sarees

Patachitra art has been traditionally held in high esteem when it comes to the cultural and religious belief systems of Odisha. Among the various forms of art that have been practiced in Odisha for a long time, the Patachitra art is particularly revered due to its strong association with the holy temple of Puri. A gauze-like fine quality cotton cloth is used to create the paintings. It is coated with a specially prepared solution of chalk, gum and powdered tamarind seed which is then subsequently smoothened. These paintings are primarily executed in profile with elongated eyes created within a richly made floral border. In some cases, landscapes and scenes are depicted in the artwork as well, and major religious characters are juxtaposed together as well. Quite often, scenes of Puri temple and Ramayana and Mahabharata epics are featured in these paintings. Some of the most widely featured images include that of Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra.

While it is true that the traditions of famous Indian Patachitra art have stood the test of time over hundreds of years, in the recent decades there has been a downward spiral with less profits being made in this area. One of the main reasons for which the traditional Patachitra art is believed to be in decline is that the artists find it difficult to make their daily ends meet and so they need to find other professions with more lucrative returns. The system of trading that has been in practice for a long time enables the middlemen to take away most of the earnings, and it is due to this reason that the younger painters are less inclined to carry on with the trade of their forefathers. While it is true that the government and many non-governmental sources are trying to revive this art, what is now needed is a way in which the middlemen can be bypassed and the artists can earn from their work directly. A good way to do so is to sell Patachitra art through online stores, and major moves are being carried out in this direction.

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Harbhajan Singh is all set to tie the knot with Geeta Basra

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh is all set to get married to his girlfriend, actress Geeta Basra. According to news in Hindustan Times, the wedding ceremony will take place at Phagwara, 20 kilometres from Jalandhar. The marriage might happen sometime in October this year though the date is not yet validated. Actually Harbhajan is waiting for affirmation on a match against South Africa. Once that is validated, they might decide the wedding date. Numerous movie stars and cricketers are supposed to be present at the wedding.

Harbhajan Singh with his girlfriend Geeta Basra

Harbhajan Singh with his girlfriend Geeta Basra

Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh’s life has been a colourful one – both on and off the ground. Whether it is slapping Indian bowler Sreesanth or his declared love affair with Bollywood actress Geeta Basra, the cricketer has forever hogged the attention. Harbhajan, who plays in Neeta Ambani’s Mumbai Indians side in the Indian Premium League, has given us numerous match winning instants. However, the cricketer’s familiarity with the glamour world is not strange to many.

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Sonali Bendre told Social media is extremely scary

Most of the celebs in B-Town are available on social media but actress Sonali Bendre believes it tremendously “scary” to be open about her life online.

“It’s very scary to be so open and I’m mostly a very private person. It sounds humorous thinking the profession that I’ve been in. But somewhere I continuously dealt with it but not really telling the fact in different situations. I’ve always changed things. But it’s difficult to be so open and truthful for me,” said Sonali, the brand ambassador of cosmetic brand Oriflame, said at an incident here to queries why she still wasn’t on social media.

Sonali Bendre finds social media scary

Sonali Bendre finds social media scary

But Sonali’s filmmaker life partner Goldie Bahl and son are tech-savvy. Sonali was also attend at her friend Twinkle Khanna‘s latest book launch where Twinkle had said that as a mother, she was glad if there was a ban on pornographic websites.

First looks, trailers, teasers and other advertising material are all strongly passed out on social media nowadays which constructs it a represents for celebrities to be in the news and also to connect with fans and voice opinions on burning problems. That is perhaps why Sonali expects she gets over her disinclination.

“I’m not on any social media but maybe, one day I’ll get over my obsession, I’ll join in. But 140 words on Twitter is very complex, I have lots to say,” says Sonali who was last seen in a cameo role in Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara. She also appeared in the television serial Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye which was a fully grown love story.

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Indian Government Extends Visa of Taslima Nasreen By An Year

The home ministry lengthened by a year the visa of banished Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen’s on 21 August.

The resolution to this result was taken after home minister Rajnath Singh interfered in this view; Taslima has been appealing the government to additional lengthen her visa.

Responding to the resolution, Taslima said she was happy even though she was anticipating an expansion of her visa.

Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship

Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship

“Anyway, this is welcome report. I am yet to be formally expressed (the government’s thinking) and you are the one who ruined the news to me,” she said.

Taslima has been living in banish ever since she left Bangladesh in a hide of privacy in 1994 in the wake of threats to her life by fundamentalist groups.

A civilian of Sweden, she has been getting Indian visa on a permanent basis since 2004.

She has also resided in the United States and Europe in the past two decades. However, on many instances, she had stated her desire to reside in India permanently, particularly in Kolkata.

The writer had to depart Kolkata in 2007 following cruel street protests by a section of Muslims against her works.

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Visitors misbehabe with wax figure of Nicki Minaj at Madame Tussauds

Nicki Minaj’s insufficiently dressed wax stature at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas will be modified due to visitors’ wrong manner with the stature, which has been formed on the rap singer’s music video for ‘Anaconda’.

Madame Tussauds Nicki Minaj Wax Figure

Madame Tussauds Nicki Minaj Wax Figure

A string of inappropriate photographs of visitors and the figure have gone viral on social media platforms, causing serious problem to the company. They issued a declaration mentioning, “We have been made alert of the improper photograph that was taken at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, engaging Nicki Minaj’s recent wax stature. It is regrettable that this visitor chosen to behave so wrongly and we forgive for any misdemeanour this has caused. We do have staff watching visitor activities in the attraction and do our maximum to certify our wax figures are treated courteously, but on this instance clearly one of our hosts was not there.”

“We are taking quick actions to ensure more staffs are there in this place and that the set around this meticulous figure is reshaped so that a picture like this cannot be taken once more.”

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Within hours of wife’s cremation, President return at his regular work

We all know that Mrs. Suvra Mukherjee, wife of our loving President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee died earlier. But, now we have seen the professionalism of our President. Because, he was back at work with his regular agenda within hours of his wife Suvra Mukherjee’s cremation.

In no time after the final rituals, Mukherjee — known to be a stringent disciplinarian — was concentrating to his official obligations.

Mukherjee paid floral honours to Shankar Dayal Sharma, in the passage in which the portrayals of earlier presidents are queued, on the event of his birth anniversary.

“The First Lady’s burial was at 10.30 a.m. By 12.30, the president was attending to his official duties,” told a Rashtrapati Bhavan officer.

President Mr. Mukherjee with his recently died wife

President Mr. Mukherjee with his recently died wife

On Thursday morning, Mukherjee will organize a official greeting at Rashtrapati Bhavan for the leaders of 14 Pacific islands who are in India to take part in FIPIC.

The president’s spouse was hurried to the army’s Research and Referral Hospital’s intensive care unit on August 7 after her health condition unexpectedly worsened.

The president had to cut little his two-day tour to Odisha and back to the national capital to be by his sick wife’s side.

He maintained focusing his official obligations, conveying his address to the nation on the occasion of the Independence Day and even holding the customary “At Home” at Rashtrapati Bhavan on August 15 without once betraying any sentiment to the world outside.

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Beautiful Vidya Balan look very good with a Handloom Silk Saree

We are all know that Vidya Balan’s pleasant personality, beauty and acting ability. She is one the best actress in present time. She always try to do something different. In her every film you can find a strong message. People love her enchanting beauty. And ofcourse her style of talking is very good. We always see her in any public gatherings with a saree, she always love to wear Indian Silk Sarees. And handloom sarees is her best choice.

Vidya Balan love to wear Indian Handloom Silk Sarees

Vidya Balan love to wear Indian Handloom Silk Sarees

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‘Aashiqui’ girl Anu Aggarwal publish her autobiography

‘Aashiqui’ girl Anu Aggarwal tells the mesmerizing story of her self-discovery, a closer-death incident and remarkable revival in her autobiography which also comprises factors of the men in her life, from millionaire jet-setters to superyogis.

Anusual: Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead’, according to Anu, is the tale of a girl who was wrecked into a million portions but is living to notify the tale of how, like in a jigsaw problem, she brought the divided parts mutually back again.

Anu Aggarwal in news for her autobiography

Anu Aggarwal in news for her autobiography

It is the tale of the shadowy Delhi girl who went to Mumbai and became an international model, and then a celebrity with her very first Bollywood film “Aashiqui” in 1990 only to throw it all up and join a yogashram in Uttarakhand.

Coming back to Mumbai, she was engaged in a horrifying car accident in 1999 that put her in a coma for 29 days. Amazingly, she improved and put the parts of her life back together, first taking sanyas and then arriving to Mumbai to teach yoga.

In the book, issued by HarperCollins, Anu says she feels auspicious to “not have left a leaf unturned, or a button unhooked in my searching of sexuality, sensuality, or just an honest human connect with members of the opposite sex”.

Also she express about her boyfriends of her life. And they are all support her in different times in her life.

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Sunny Leone: A New Dubsmash Queen

Shift over Sonakshi, Salman, Arjun, we have a brand new Dubsmash diva on the slab. Guys, please make space for Sunny Leone. The actress has been massive on social media for a while now. From tremendous hot selfies to loving dates with her spouse Daniel Weber to goofy girl next door presences, Sunny has shared sufficient for her admirers to be addicted to her Instagram profile. And glowing, the followers were in for a extraordinary delicacy as the diva has ultimately made her Dubsmash entrance.

Sunny Leone: A New Dubsmash Queen

Sunny Leone’s dubsmash go viral

While it’s good to plainly see Sunny dubsmashing, what is more appealing is her selection of Dubsmash. So the girl chose Tupac’s Hit Em Up and twisted all gangsters for her fans.


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Famous singer Christina Aguilera publish topless selfie

Christina Aguilera, 34 years of age an American singer, actress, songwriter and a mother of two went viral after publishing a topless image on Instagram over her millions of admirers recently. The singer is considered as a pop icon, who sometimes evaluated to Britney Spears.

Part of her music profession and image is her trend. She was declared “Sexiest Woman of the Year”, 2003 issue of Maxim journal that she wrapped became its greatest-selling issue. Though in 2012 taken extensive disapproval over her curvy yet sexy shape where she increased weight. However, later got admires and media concentration after a noteworthy weight loss in 2013.

Displaying her sexy figure, singer placed a topless image of herself on Instagram. Christina Aguilera declared on her post, “Just so you recognize with me, it’s all genuine, all the time. Felt like it was time to start sharing some private matter with you guys… And it’s just the starting. Night night.”

Christina Aguilera's topless photo goes viral

Christina Aguilera’s topless photo goes viral

In her sexy topless warm selfie post was with a statue of a South Asian mythology stature and crystals with a perfumed candle and a rubber ducky that absolutely confines her madness and difficulty. She pictured herself in front of a mirror glass wearing just a pink pair of underwear.

Although having thriving singing career, she practiced collapse as she felt disappointed with the music and image her executive Steve Kurtz had created for her. She been promoted as a bubblegum pop singer due to genre’s rising financial tendency. Aguilera filed alleges against Kurtz, a breach of fiduciary responsibility complaint.

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Happy Independence Day to all of you

Today all of Indians celebrating Happy Independence Day nationwide. Independence Day is a day when people in India pay honour to their leaders and those who struggle for India’s freedom in the history. The era escorting up to Independence Day is a time when main government houses are enlightened with twines of lights and the tricolor flaps from homes and other buildings. Broadcast, print and online medium may have exceptional competitions, events, and editorials to endorse the day. Movies about India’s freedom warriors are also shown on television.

The president conveys the ‘”Address to the Country” on the eve of Independence Day. India’s prime minister expands India’s flag and holds a speech at the Red Fort in Old Dehli. Flag lifting programs and cultural programs are held in the state capitals and often engage many schools and associations.

Happy Independence Day 2015

Happy Independence Day 2015

Many people spend the day with family or close friends. They may arrange a picnic in a park or private estate, go to a movie or eat lunch or dinner at home or in a restaurant. Other people go kite flying or sing or listen to patriotic songs.

Independence Day is a government holiday in India on August 15 every year. National, state and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed on this day. Shops and other businesses and concerns may be closed or have decreased opening hours.


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Malayalam beauty Archana Kavi is all set to marry Abish Mathew

It is wedding time in the Malayalam amusement industry, as some of the young actresses are getting ready to tie the knot.

Archana Kavi, who started her acting career with MT Vasudevan Nair’s remake movie “Neelathamara” in 2009, is the latest actress getting prepared to swap vows. However, the marriage date is yet to be disclosed. But we will she her with a bridal wear sarees in near future.

Archana Kavi is all set to marry comedian Abish Mathew

Archana Kavi is all set to marry comedian Abish Mathew

Archana will apparently marry stand-up comedian Abish Mathew, who is known for his solo comedy stage performances like “Son of Abish”, according to Manorama Online.

The duo is said to be childhood companions and were born and brought up in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, just a few days back wedding news of Tamil actress Asin and Malayalam actress Muktha made headlines.

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera-Dorsey shows their baby bumps

Pregnant celebrities Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera-Dorsey have knock back at internet fiends, as they illustrated off their baby bumps.

Kim Kardashian – who is guessing her second child with rapper Kanye West – placed a nearly-naked selfie on Twitter, in a crack to show up buzzes she is using a proxy.

Naya Rivera-Dorsey, who is waiting her first baby with spouse Ryan Dorsey, exposed she had been targeted by reviewers online.

Pregnant Stars Posses Nude

Pregnant Stars Poses in Public

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Sania Mirza to be Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2015

Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza is set to be honoured the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award according to news on Tuesday.

Sania’s name has been granted for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award after the sports ministry had previously advised to forward her name to the committee.

It is a new spike in the cap for the women’s doubles player who is ranked No. 1 in the world beside partner Martina Hingis.

Sania Mirza's name approved for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Sania Mirza’s name approved for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Previously, according to a report in the Hindustan Times, the sports ministry on 1st August, Friday chosen to forward tennis star Sania Mirza’s name to the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awards team.

Having confined the mixed doubles gold with Saketh Myneni, bronze in women’s doubles with Prarthana Thombare at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the US Open mixed doubles title with Bruno Soares last year, 28-year-old is the lucid favourite in the race to win this year’s award.

However, her latest triumph at Wimbledon will not be counted.

Mirza’s has previously been awarded with Arjuna Award in 2004 and Padma Shri in 2006.

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Beautiful actress Asin To Marry Micromax Founder Rahul Sharma

It looks like pleasure is on the cards for Asin, who is all set to get married. Apparently engaged to billionaire Rahul Sharma, the actress will focus on her bridals post the release of her forthcoming family drama/ comedy, All Is Well.

The partner to be is the owner of the famous gadget brand Micromax and is one of the youngest and most thriving industrialists in the world. The generally confidential Asin validated the news saying, that she is presently covering up all her professional obligations so that she can give more time to her private life. She had anyways ended signing new assignments two years back itself.

Gorgeous Asin love to wear Handloom Saree

Gorgeous Asin love to wear Handloom Saree

What’s more, actually the person who played cherub for the couple was none other than Akshay Kumar, who is not only a bosom friend of the groom but also was the face of the brand a few years back, along with spouse Twinkle Khanna.

While aspects of the big nuptials are still under covers, we hear that the preparation is already in progress and the date will be declared soon. We wish the pair all the best!

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