Online Shopping in India | Odisha | Dhenkanal | Gohirakhala

Online Shopping made easy to all of us. Now people from all states in India started shopping online. One way it is going to be better because now a person can wear a saree made in Odisha even if she is living in kerala or chandigarh etc.

A Person can buy a kashmiri shawl easily even if he lives in Tamilnadu. It is fun and good use of time and money.


shopping sites

Online Shopping

Indian States love to shop online are:

Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Delhi, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry.

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Making of Konark Temple in Handloom Art

Assuming you visited the great sun temple of Odisha till now, if not please visit it as soon as possible. This is one of the place which should be visited by all of you. Artist made this with lot of love, dedication and hard work. Sun Temple made by 1200 workers and taken up 12 long years to complete.

Now this rare temple and art on it, going to be showcase through handloom weaving. Our Odia Pround Awardee Mr Patra and brothers started working on the design which will be a replica of the Konark Temple. Design and work for it already started before 2 years and will take more 2 years to complete it.

We will keep you updated on his work. Mr Patra want to keep it in a  museum where visitors from all over world can see it.


Konark Temple

Konark Temple: Image/ Wikimedia

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Places to see and shopping at Cuttack

Whenever when one thinks of visiting “Cuttack” the 1st thing that comes up in their mind is Chandi Mandir. The temple is famous for the annual durga puja and kali puja festivals. Apart from this presiding diety temple, Dhabaleswar Island, Barabati Fort, Netaji Museum and Barabati Stadium are some of the prominent locations in Cuttack which should be visited by everyone.

Besides, Odisha State Maritime Museum has been set-up in Jobra has the unique distinction of being the only workshop, which catered to the requirement of three provinces of Bihar, Bengal and Odisha under the Bengal Presidency of British India.

University Building

Cuttack is a vibrant commercial centre and shopping hub of Odisha. It is known for its distinctive kinds of handicrafts and textiles. The city is famous for the silver filigree work which is used in making exquisite jewellery.

For those who want to buy traditional fabrics, the best option is the Government-run state emporia, where one can see an amazing variety of cotton and silk fabrics.

Malls like Vishal, Big Bazaar, Metro Bazar, Bazaar Kolkata, Fashion Bazaar and V2 serve as the hot point to shop for one roof mall lovers.

Dargha bazaar and Buxi Bazaar share the heart of variety shopping for the people of Cuttack. It is mandatory for people to visit all these places and know the real Cuttack and its beauty and charm.

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Online shopping rising among younger generation

World of shopping rotating now from traditional shop or shopping malls to online shopping. As per prediction internet user in india may cross 50 billions in next 3 years.

If you have noted daily we can find a new online shop on the web, you can get them while surfing or getting offers in our emails

In bhubaneswar itself now we can shop handloom, handicraft, home decor items, buy tickets for movies, book bus, train, flight tickets.

We can take rent on toys, book to wash clothes by , send gifts to all over india and many more.

Not only cities take advantage of online shopping, small towns like dhenkanal, puri, cuttack and sambalpur have started shopping stores which have customer base all over the world.

Online Shopping by Young Girl

Online Shopping by Young Girl

Youngsters taken up highest percentage of customer base because they are among the highest mobile and tablet users in india and now almost all shopping sites optimized their webstore for mobile users.

Youngsters love to shop, most of them shop for them or gift purchase for mother, father, brother and sisters. Age group between 20 to 30 are the best customers because those age group are newly joined jobs or business. They do not have any burdern of family. So they are the most potential customer who can buy anything.

Odisha is not far behind in online shopping. We love shopping whether it is market building in bhubaneswar, buxi bazaar in cuttack, gol bajaar in sambalpur or online shopping store like amazon.

Shopping make us relax from tensions, so keep ordering and be relax.

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Online shopping during traffic jam

Now shopping is easy and save time.


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Chandua Online Shopping in Kolkata | Mumbai | New Delhi | Hyderabad | Bangalore Odisha | India

Chandua is one of the best handicraft product we can use for home decorating. Now these rare art pieces from pipli, orissa available for shopping at a mouse click.


Chandua Online Shopping

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The fashion business and Online Shopping Trend

Fashion as a business is therefore, as tricky as it is ripe with opportunities. The retail market, especially the apparel sector, has tremendous developments to look forward to, with the governments taking steps to protect the sector ( for example, the Indian government has taken a bulk of the debt load off the textile industry with a loan restructuring plan that was approved recently) and talks of FDI in retail becoming conclusive in most emerging markets.

Players in the emerging markets will now have access to designers and design concepts from across the globe. Domestic designers too will now become ideal baits to bring in more foreign investment that will flow into the apparel sector. Eventually markets will merge, and new concepts and ideas in the fashion and retail industry are likely to come to the forefront.

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Interim budget and its impact on the textile industry

Textile industry filled the majority of work force in india after agriculture. Budget is always the factor which decide the fate of most of the textile workers living in india.

Surat is one of the textile hub in india, where most of the people depend in textile directly or indirectly. Each year govt of india making allocation of fund, starting new policies for them, but are these facilities really comes handy to real end user workers ?

Let’s go deep into this and see how budget is important for us.


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Drawing crowds for Online Shopping

As important as it is to increase footfall at a store, achieving a high conversion ratio is a completely different challenge altogether. For industries such as the fashion apparel retail, multi-brand apparel retail and single brand garment retail, the challenge of converting footfall is even more complex. Let us look at some commonly applied mechanisms to enhance footfall and then strategies to enhance conversion:

Hoardings – Strategically placed advertisements can be a great crowd puller;

Connectivity – It is vital to choose a location that has great connectivity and ample parking space;

Branding – While apparel retailers prefer a niche appeal, the trick is to create an exclusive brand image that invokes curiosity, not just among the target audience;

Visibility – An indispensable aspect of marketing for the retailer, great store visibility boosts footfall significantly—consulting landscaping experts or architects often help;

Customer experience – The modern day customer does not tolerate delays or rude behaviour at stores. till date, the most effective marketing strategy in business. Implemented meticulously, such solutions can boost sales, enhance visibility and help retailers analyse the consumer base and footfall.

A thorough understanding of the demographic and local tastes, as mentioned earlier, can also help achieve a higher conversion ratio for retailers.

odisha online shopping

odisha online shopping

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Conversion strategies for Small Business

For your eyes only

Visual appeal in the apparel industry makes a big impact on the footfall as well as the conversion ratio. For example, an apparel store with mannequins donning their latest collection has a greater chance of people walking into them than their counterparts with a mere sign and adaptability of these players. The jungle law of survival of the fittest however, still applies in these markets and, going by the resistance that some of these emerging economies offered to FDI in retail, it is evident that a lot is left to diplomacy and chance.

Simply Put

In spite of the challenges, the emerging economies provide the ultimate opportunity for brands to tap the rapidly growing and dynamic markets. Adopting strategies that ensure a longlasting and fruitful run is therefore mandatory to cope with the regional diversity in such economies. Looking at players that have made a mark over the last decade, it is evident that their adaptability, customisation and region-specific marketing strategies have been their greatest strengths.

For local players, the markets are still ripe with opportunities globalisation brought about. Footfalls will increase over time and so will consumption; however it is only the players equipped with footfall conversion strategies, superior customer relationship management techniques and quality brand management policies that will hold the reins to the market in the long run.


While the techniques mentioned may improve footfall at a store or a shopping mall, converting them into buyers involves a more comprehensive strategy that delves deep into customer psyche. Well-groomed sales executives, ample retail space for movement and accessible store displays often induce a desire to shop from a store. As more and more companies opt for CRM (customer relationship marketing) solutions and as the options in the market are increasing, with the introduction of cloud computing and SaaS options in the CRM space, retailers today have a variety of solutions to choose from, for management of their customer data. With these advanced systems, retailers can have access to actionable, stat-based and concrete data that facilitates faster business decisions. Access to customer data that is effectively segregated, real-time data sharing and multi-channel usage options make today’s CRMs an absolute necessity for retailers. These solutions can help identify issues in the marketing strategy as well as constantly keep a tab on costs for companies, thereby helping retailers identify, target and eventually manage customers better. A customer, who enjoys a pleasant retail and after- sales service experience, has a higher chance of recommending the store to a friend/relative, even if the product is at par with the rest of the market. This can have a direct impact on footfall conversion as word-of-mouth remains.

Saree Shopping

Online Saree Shopping in India

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Western influence on Indian Apparel Market

As the emerging markets become globalised, the retail landscape undergoes a gradual transformation. Global giants enter these markets with a bang, set new trends, innovate, consolidate and eventually dominate. The success stories of brands such as Adidas, Nike, Fila and Reebok in the sportswear segment, bear testimony to this fact. Fortunately however, the impact on the domestic industry is rather positive as these players learn from the giants, enhance their models and continue selling. It is the size and dynamism of these markets that accommodate both these categories of retailers and therefore, competition increases at a rate that is slower than the rate of innovation


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Making the most of the feet that fall for online shopping

Footfall, as the word suggests, is the total count of the number of people who walk into your store/ mall/shopping complex. While the number may be far more than the actual buyers, a good understanding of its importance in the retail sector can often help a retailer enhance the footfall-buyer ratio.
Consumers today have more knowledge, awareness and most importantly, options than ever before. The quality of the footfall therefore, has changed completely since the ‘90s. More money in the hands of the middle class along with independent lifestyles, of even 18-year-olds, make teenagers and young professionals two of the largest consumer bases in emerging markets. However, when it comes to converting footfall for the retailer, these two segments play spoilsport. While figures indicate that these segments comprise the larger share of the total footfall, their conversion ratio is one of the lowest. The primary reason for the disparity in the footfall conversion of the younger demographic with that of the older shoppers is a lack of conviction of the former when headed for the store. Youngsters prefer hanging out at the mall; it does not warrant that they prefer shopping from them. This makes the footfall figures of the youth brigade a rather tricky and often misguiding one. So each time they head out for the neighborhood mall, they may not have intentions of buying a product, unlike their older counterparts who have a stronger intent while leaving the house.

However, when it comes to converting effectively, shopping malls as well as standalone outlets can adapt strategies that enhance appeal to the casual store stroller. Retailers armed with insights into the regional preferences, the local tastes and the latest industry trends always have an advantage when it comes to effective conversion. For example, a fashion apparel retailer selling winter wear can do well with a special discount offer on mufflers in regions with a high population of the elderly. Similarly, a promotional offer on jeggings would have worked wonders a year ago in regions with a higher concentration of working women.
It is also important to note that a high footfall conversion ratio does not necessarily mean high sales. If a shopping mall attracts little footfall, its conversion ratio goes up automatically and yet, sales at the stores will continue to be low due to the small base offered by the footfall. To make the ratio a healthy one with a large base, enhancing footfall should therefore assume prime importance in the marketing strategy.

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Ramp to store – The journey of art and commerce

Designers are a whimsical lot. While some of their ramp hits turn out to be bestsellers and trendsetters, a number of them cannot make it to the stores due to their non-commercial designs.
In spite of this, retailers across the globe latch on to successful designers irrespective of the last time their designs were a retail success. While some call it the love of art, retail businesses know well that the benefits are not just confined within the limits of money.

Art versus commerce While high fashion may not care for the retail community, ramp hits that can make it big at the stores are what drive the fashion apparel industry forward. Fashion as an art form, can never be ignored and neither can its commercial importance be overlooked. For apparel retailers, a deep insight into the fashion industry can be a massive value addition to business, as it can often help predict change of preferences in the market.
For example, a new bridal wear collection launched by a famous fashion designer is likely to have a strong influence on the bridal fashions of the season ahead. Similarly, a fashion house releasing a brand new neckline design will have replicas flooding the flea markets and other small apparel stores. By no means does such replication hamper the designer’s reputation or bank balance and should in fact, be considered an advantage, as the design is likely to stay in the market longer due to the mass appeal.

Similarly, high fashion cannot be ignored due to its ability to influence great minds, set trends and take the industry forward. Unique and sometimes shocking as they are, high fashion has little commercial appeal, yet the hype around it makes its importance in fashion quite obvious.

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Festive insights and Online Shopping

The festive season offers a whole new set of challenges for the retailer. Tias Chakraborty shares insights and strategies for retailers to cash in on the market.

As lights dim in the Indian economy with the depreciating currency and rising inflation, businesses across the country are looking forward to the festive season. Like each year, Diwali pushes sales at stores across the country as communities gear up for the big celebrations. This year, retailers across the country will be hoping that that the rising inflation and the depreciating rupee do not add to their woes. The ideal strategy would be simple, pushing volumes rather than premium offerings. However, on a closer look we realise that the market for premium products are least affected in times of crises as the SEC A population can afford things under tough circumstances as well.


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Available of Silk Fabrics types for Online Shopping

Silk come from different area, region and countries and all depend upon also climatic condition of the particular place. These are famous products which are sold through online shopping.

We have different type:

  • Dupion Silk
  • Floss Silk
  • Eri Silk
  • Matka Silk
  • Matawa Silk
  • Peace Silk
  • Tassar Silk
  • Thai Silk
  • Muga Silk
  • Wild Silks
  • Vanya
  • Waste Silk

We will let you know more about each type of above silk once i have some money.

Pata Saree

Silk Production In India

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