Ladies Handloom Dress Materials Online Shopping

Handloom dress materials are very famous in India. Women of India always try to wear handloom garments. Handloom dress materials include salwar suits, blouse pieces and other garments materials. Now you can find handloom garment materials through online shopping store also. In eShopping process you can choose your item as per your budget and also choose colours etc. and after that need to process for orders. And within 1/2 days you can get the same at your doorstep. Odisha Saree Store always try to collect rare pieces of handloom garments for the buyers. So, buy from our online store and enjoy your online shopping experience.

Handloom Ladies Dress Materials Online

Handloom Ladies Dress Materials Online

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Handloom Cotton Sarees for Diwali Gift

Handloom cotton sarees are very famous in India and abroad. Indian women always like to wear cotton sarees and if it handloom product then they always welcome this. This Diwali peoples are sending gifts through online shopping store to their nearest and the item is sarees. Because, in India if you plan to send a gift to your nearest and dearest then saree is the best choice. Because, Indian women always like sarees and they expect atleast a saree in the occasions like Diwali. Handloom cotton saree is the best Diwali gift in India.

Handloom Cotton Sarees for Diwali Gift

Handloom Cotton Sarees for Diwali Gift

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Rare Collection of Indian Handicrafts

India is a very rich country in the matter of handicrafts. There have number of places where handicraft items produced. Basically, handicrafts items produced in interior places in India and collect from these places is time taking and place finding also very tough. But now situation changed and you can collect and buy rare pieces of handicraft items through online shopping store and get the same in your doorstep. Generally, these handicraft items created with various type of woods, stones and metals.

Handicrafted Bird's natural Home

Handicrafted Bird’s natural Home

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Best 5 places to visit while in France

France is most gloriously and worldwide famous.  It is also one of the most interesting, astonishing and charming regions you’ll ever experience.

There are many magnificent destinations and cities to explore and encounter, some of the must-sees of France will build your tour a worth-while journey never to be elapsed!

Top five destinations in France are:

  • Paris
  • The French Riviera (Côte d’Azur)
  • The French Alps
  • Lyon
  • The Loire Valley
France tourism, eiffel tower

France Tourism – Eiffel Tower

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Handloom Nightwear for Ladies at Online Shopping

Handloom cotton garments always gives you comfort and 100% satisfaction of your shopping. Now Odisha Saree Store’s special additions is ladies cotton nightwear. It’s a handloom product and made with pure cotton yarn. Handloom cotton nightwear available with great designs and colorful variations. Take a look:

Cotton Handloom Ladies Nightwear

Cotton Handloom Ladies Nightwear

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5 reasons India is the most fashionable country in the world

Indian designers are globally acknowledged for their incredibly rooted concepts and rich cultural symbolism. This has a lot to do with our Indian culture, in the first place, and more importantly the values we all grow up with. However, beyond all this stereotyping, there lies an inherent sense of fashion among Indians that is unique to them and not influenced by any other culture. Considering that Western culture has strongly permeated tastes in the urban Indian society, there remain very few elements to Indian clothing that are unique, interesting and most definitely fashionable, if you see it the right way:

The lungi: This unique piece is worn by men all over the country and holds a certain status quo in some states. A good lungi worn the right way can appeal to the right kind of woman under the right circumstances. And guess what, even the women are trying it on and apparently loving it.

The dupatta: It was as if the kameez is not enough to cover up the woman, the dupatta or the Indian scarf is a must have in your wardrobe as it adds the real elegance to the rather boring salwar kameez. Though the use is reducing in urban India, there continues significant fan following of the piece in semi urban and rural regions of the country.

The churidar: Worn by men and women with equal fervour, the churidar is a rather unique lower that gives the effect of wearing bangles on the legs. It is one of the best combinations with kurtas and other ethnic uppers and is a mandatory aspect of the wardrobe of the fashionable crowd.

The gamchha:  This is just a towel that is more functional than profitable but thanks to Indian movies, the gamchha around the neck has become a symbol of coolness, strictly in the Indian context.

The saree: This beautiful piece of clothing that is draped around the woman’s body is by far the most iconic and culturally symbolic in India. Indian women are recognized across the globe for their elegance, beauty and intelligence. The saree complements their shape while highlighting their deep rooted culture and values of women empowerment. No Indian wardrobe is complete without a saree.

Watch this space for more interesting lists on Indian fashion and culture.

Handloom Products Online Shopping

Indian Fashion and Culture

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Handloom Kurta for Boys at Online

Indian handloom garments are well known in India and abroad. Handloom items are very good to wearing and it’s also give best comfort. Indian handloom products exported various countries in the world. Now anyone and from anywhere can collect their desired products after ordering from any online shopping store. Handloom cotton kurta are very comfort to wear for a baby boy. Now Odisha Saree Store started shipping internationally. Name of the countries where we ships right now other tahn India like USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Australia, UAE, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia. And in future we will open the door for more countries.

Handloom Cotton Kurta for Baby Boy.

Handloom Cotton Kurta for Baby Boy.

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Handloom Cotton Kurta for Men Online Shopping

Indian handloom kurta are very famous for it’s comfort and designs. It’s produced with pure cotton yarn. Actually buyer can see level of comfort at the time of purchasing the garment products. And also can see the satisfaction of their investments for the garments. And in this matter a buyer fully satisfy for their investments. Now buyer can collect handloom cotton kurta from online shopping store. And they can get the same in their doorstep using some mouse clicks.

Handloom Cotton Kurta for Men Online Shopping

Handloom Cotton Kurta for Men

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The Transforming Online Shopping Experience

The cut throat competition in the online retail space has left sellers choking on margins. No longer can they afford to set high margins, demand a premium on the basis of their brand reputation or dictate terms to their customers. The tables have turned and now the customer is looking for an integrated seamless shopping experience that allows them to get a ‘feel’ of the product before purchase. So what are the latest innovation that can enable this experience for the customers? Technology companies today are focusing towards new age imaging that provides a 360 degree view of products along with light weight videos that can be loaded without the help of flash.

Globally renowned designer Tom Ford sets the benchmark when it comes to creating a new age website. Similarly we are seeing other designing create interesting and engaging websites that ensure stickiness of customers. The users are coming back not just for the products but the overall experience that the site provides. This is almost similar to the idea of a patron going back to the same restaurant because they were really happy with the service quality and not just the food. This single factor will be a trigger that drives engagement and more importantly sales for ecommerce players in the future.

The market is also witnessing an interesting demand for more customized products online in the premium category. Sites such as Tailorman is growing in popularity and driving the fetish of the average customer to get shirts that are customised as per their requirements. It is likely that the trend will pick up with the large ecommerce retailers and soon we will get some our favourite ecommerce stores providing options to customise our clothes online.

Online Shopping Experience

Online Shopping Experience

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Hollywood actor Brad Pitt thinks responsible for Newcomers

US actor Brad Pitt feels that he is responsible for guiding young actors in the proper way. And he already did this at the time of shooting his latest film ‘Fury’. The actor is well known in Hollywood and already completed three decades in this industry.

Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt

Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt

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Laxmi Puja at Dhenkanal 2014

The Laxmi Puja in Dhenkanal is not incarcerated to proposing puja to the Goddess and presenting habits. It presents an occasion to society puja conveners to focus communal matters through embellishment of the pandals. As many as thirty-eight beautiful pandals have come up in a queue from opening point to the way out of the town.

While Baji Chowk puja group has erected the pandal promoting consciousness to control bribery, Station Bazaar puja pandal exhibits Uttarakhand disaster where nature’s wrath maintained hundreds of human lives.

Mina Bazaar puja pandal draws most visitors as it is amazing with “chandi medha” (silvery tableau). The authority has spent about `90 lakhs apart from charges on gold decorations adorning the god. Unlike earlier years, fancy light embellishment greetings guests at the entry of the bazaar. Organization notified that they are organising a show for differently abled guys who would perform their ability.

Head of Kaibalya Bazaar Puja Organization said they have budgeted `60 lakhs on gold decorations and “chandi medha” for Goddess Laxmi this year.

While Jawahar Chowk puja pandal has exhibited the security of elephants and preservation their tendencies, Ganesh Bazaar Puja organization has rebuild Akshardham temple of New Delhi. Head of the puja told they are celebrating the puja in a secular mode by engaging both Hindus and Muslims in puja commotions.

Bus Stand Puja Committee has created the pandal depicting Howrah bridge prepared with bamboo and light.

Laxmi Puja 2014

Laxmi Puja 2014

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Handloom Cotton Shirts Online Shopping

Handloom cotton shirts of Sambalpur are very famous. It’s fabricated with pure cotton that’s why after wearing it men can feel a big comfort and because it is half sleeves for this easy to wear. Sambalpur situated in Odisha, and number of weavers always trying to create unique designs of handloom cotton shirt. Now people can find this type of shirts also in online shopping store.

Handloom Cotton Shirt

Handloom Cotton Shirt

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Indian Handicrafts Online Shopping

Indian handicraft items are popular all over the world. Indian art and culture are depicted in the handicraft items. Number of handicraft creators are always trying to create unique items for the buyers. Everyone in India and also outsiders of India are very much exited about Indian cultures and arts. That’s why when a traveler come to visit India they first try to go interior places for collecting rare handicraft items. In India you can find handicraft items created with wood, stones, various metals, textiles etc. Now peoples can buy Indian handicraft from online shopping store also.

Chandua Wall Hanging from Pipili, Odisha

Chandua Wall Hanging from Pipili, Odisha

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Laxmi Puja Started at Dhenkanal

This year’s Laxmi Puja started at Dhenkanal, Odisha. Now everywhere in Dhenkanal you can see lights, pandals and crowds. In Dhenkanal, Laxmi Puja is the big event of the year. Peoples are visiting pandals and lights with wearing new dresses it’s amazing. Childrens and youths are happily celebrate the event. They are also lights up various types of pataka during this time. Everywhere you feel a big event happening. It’s great experience for first time visitor in Dhenkanal during the Laxmi puja. Fair also started in this time in Dhenkanal. Peoples are buying various items from the fair and sellers also collect number of items for selling them in this Laxmi Puja. And indian peoples always like shopping from anywhere.

Laxmi Puja in Dhenkanal

Laxmi Puja in Dhenkanal

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Durga Puja in the USA

Durga puja is also celebrated in the USA among the Indians. Number of Indian peoples reside in the US and they always try to celebrate Indian festivals in their own styles. Specially, number of bengalis are main in the arrangement of the Durga Puja. Because, Durga puja is the main festival of the bengalis. But in the US number of Indians reside and they belongs to various communities. But, in Durga puja they are all celebrate as an unity with the focus of our countries cultures and heritage. In this celebration they arrange bengali music concerts, and also include other social programs in this event. American citizens also take part this celebration, and they are very much exited about Indian festivals and cultures. We also watch online Durga puja in the USA using television, internet etc.

Durga Puja in the USA

Durga Puja in the USA

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