Odisha Saree Store Now Ships Internationally

Odisha Saree Store a leading Indian handloom and handicraft products exporter of India. We have a large collection of Indian handloom and handicraft items. Our handloom products includes various types of Indian silk sarees, Indian cotton saress, Ladies dress materials, dupatta, stoles, shwals, men dress materials, handloom cotton shirts for men, baby frocks and shirts, Pillow cover, Towels, Wall hangings, World famous Patachitra Sarees etc. And also you can buy various types of Indian handicraft products from our online shopping store.

Presently our service available in the following countries other than India:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • France
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Mauritius
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
Buy Indian Handloom Items through Online Shopping

Buy Indian Handloom Items through Online Shopping

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Handloom and Handicraft Items Online Shopping in Australia

Purchase online handloom sarees in Australia at Orisha Saree Store, which is the leading established online Indian shop for handloom and handicraft. Odisha Saree Store provide large products range to the international customers. It includes handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, patachitra sarees, ladies dress materials, men dress materials, and other Indian handloom and handicraft items. You can also buy stylish pure handloom curtains, handloom stoles, Tusser silk sarees and also cotton Handloom salwar suits, scarfs, wall hangings, towels, handloom bags, shawls, sambalpuri handkerchief, Handloom Pillow Covers from Odisha Saree Store. Indonesia is the sixth biggest country by total area. Australians are extremely clothes conscious and it’s largely considerable to be exactly uniformed when visiting government and non-government. Unconcern to local habits, insufficient clothing is not fit in public areas.

Australia is a rich country; it produces its revenue from different fonts including mining-associated exports, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing. In garments manufacturing Australia is a well known country. Australian garment brands are world famous. Australian peoples also like Indian handloom garments and handicraft items very much. They collect Indian handloom garments through online shopping store. Also numbers of Indians are residing there in Australia and they always like to wear Indian handloom Sarees.

At Orisha Saree Store you can find smart collection of sarees online shopping. Order online the best sarees from Odisha Saree Store and drape gorgeous sarees. It also presented different sarees with packed color arrangements.

Online Handloom Silk Saree in Australia

Online Handloom Silk Saree in Australia

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Handlooms Products of Bolivia

Bolivia is a South American country. This country is very much rich in cultures and history. It is bordered by Brazil to the north, east Paraguay and Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and Peru to the west.

The Handloom and handicrafts products of Bolivia are always in demand. One of the best alpaca fibres is used in handloom products of Bolivia. Its gentleness and thermal worth make it distinctive and flexible for weaving, a favourite fabric by artisans.

The handloom framework are used in Bolivia, are not usual from Bolivia, were commenced from Europe, craftsmen and artisans who started weaving with them were familiarized to the floor loom, that if it is conventional method of weaving of the Aymara traditions in Bolivia, so the citizens straight implemented and is currently part of their uniqueness, since, they make their garments using wool from sheep famous as “fabric of the globe.”

Main Handloom products of Bolivia are Scarfs, shawls, cushion covers etc. Bolivia also imports other countries handloom and handicraft products like India. Handloom and handicrafts products of India are always in demand in Bolivia. People can buy handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, patachitra sarees, and other Indian handicrafts & handloom in Bolivia at Odisha Saree Store.

Online Patachitra Saree in Bolivia

Online Patachitra Saree in Bolivia

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Best Travel Destinations in South Africa

South Africa is assorted and stunning country, about the area of France and Spain combined together or approximately doubles the area of Texas. Its mixed ethnicities, exciting wildlife, dazzling landscape, and amazing coastlines make it a retreat for visitors from around the world. Travellers promptly notice that the wealthy past and vibrant citizens preferably harmonize the top visitor magnetisms in South Africa, which makes an memorable incident.

Top 10 Travel Destinations in South Africa:

  • Kruger National Park
  • Table Mountain
  • Amphitheatre, Drakensberg
  • Durban Beaches
  • Knysna
  • Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
  • Cape Winelands
  • Blyde River Canyon
  • Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve
  • Sun City Resort
Tourist Destinations in South Africa

The Famous Durban Beaches

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Hopes and Expectations: Economic perspective on India’s textile and apparel sector

Textile manufacturing is definitely one of the most critical industries in India in terms of employment with more than 45 million people employed directly by it. With a 14 percent contribution to industrial production, 4 percent to the GDP and comprising 13 percent of the country’s export earnings, it is an industry that has the potential to single handedly drive the transformation of the manufacturing sector in India. Key growth drivers of the sector include the rising disposable incomes and favourable demographics. The demand for clothing, as mentioned earlier, is directly proportional to population growth in the country. This demand will be driven further up with rapid westernization of the tier II and tier III cities.

From an investor perspective, the Make in India will be a solid collateral that promises to deliver to the textile and garments manufacturing sector what previous governments have failed. It is also worth noting that foreign brands and investors also have high interest in the market now that there is more transparency within the regulatory framework. From the perspective of the retailer and wholesaler, there emerges a brand new India that is ready to purchase more clothes and invest more time and money on fashion.  This may be the beginning of the golden age for Indian clothing and textiles or yet another aggressive strategy by the government that falls flat on the face for focusing on capital over compliance. For the manufacturer, it is too early to predict the impact of the new policies though the initiatives to make India manufacturing friendly is sure to bring in a positive vibe in the industry.

From the perspective of the consumer, new brands, new fashions and new products are flooding the market. A Michael Kors men’s watch or ladies handbag is priced at roughly INR 40,000 while the middle class Indian in tier III is still ruled by the value for money principle. There is a demand supply gap somewhere in our manufacturing eco-system that helps the Aldos, Kors, Zaras and Armani’s to thrive while another chunk of the population can barely afford one new piece of clothing in a year. If we are to set KRAs for the Make in India campaign, bridging this gap needs to have the highest weightage.

Manufacturing Unit of Patachitra Saree in Odisha

Manufacturing Unit of Patachitra Saree in Odisha

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Enjoy Online Shopping on the Eve of Happy Thanksgiving Day in USA

Thanksgiving Day is a nationalized holiday rejoiced mostly in the United States and Canada. It is commemorated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Thanksgiving Day is conventionally a date for relatives and pals to get together for an exceptional feast. The food often contains a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, claret sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie, and vegetables. Thanksgiving Day is a moment for several persons to offer thanks for what they have.

Thanksgiving Day pageants are held in several cities and towns on or around Thanksgiving Day. Some processions or celebrations also mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. Some persons have a four-day weekend so it is a well-liked time for tours and to vacation relative and friends.

Most government organizations, trades, schools and other sectors are shuts on this day. Several organizations and businesses permit employees to have a four-day weekend so these organizations and businesses are also shuts on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Public transport organizations do not generally manage on their normal schedules.

Thanksgiving Day it is one of the hardest times for tour in the USA. This can reason jamming and overloading. Seasonal processions and eventful soccer games can cause disturbance to local traffic.


Enjoy Online Shopping on Happy Thanksgiving Day

Enjoy Online Shopping on Happy Thanksgiving Day

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Handloom Products of Sri Lanka in Demand

Sri Lanka as Asian country and situated in Indian subcontinent. Sri Lanka is very rich in the matter of handloom products from the old times. Sri Lanka has operated cloth with countries like China, India and Middle Eastern countries, and the handloom textile business is one of the country’s oldest conventional expertises.

The style of nearby handcrafted sarees, the liveliness of meticulously woven soft dolls, the modern colour amalgamations of upholstery cloths: these are piece and package of Sri Lanka’s years aged handloom textile production.

A variety of designs and colours are on present; individual and modern designs, craftsmanship, colour mixture and prototypes are offered down from generation to generation.

These pieces are invented for niche marketplaces where handmade creations of high value are favoured. Sri Lankan handloom manufacturers are able of delivering several creations to such marketplaces in Italy, Germany, UAE, France, UK, Norway, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands and Maldives, which are some of the major consumers for Sri Lankan handloom textile manufactured goods.


Handloom Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Handloom Silk Sarees Online Shopping

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Handloom Pillow Covers Online Shopping

Everyone wants to sleep soundly in the night after a busy schedule of the whole day and pillow in the crucial item for sleep. We always use pillows at the time of sleeping. Every pillow needs a cotton cover which helps us for a sound sleep. A cotton cover gives us total comfort with good hygiene. Handloom made cotton covers are very famous, because it’s available with good designs also and produced with pure cotton. In our online store you can find nice collection of handloom cotton pillow covers.


Handloom Pillow Covers Online Shopping

Handloom Pillow Covers Online Shopping

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It’s time to start making in India

India has arrived. The global economy’s perception towards the country has changed dramatically over the last thirty years, and rather drastically in the last five. In the 90s, when Rajiv Gandhi unleashed the Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalization policies under the guidance of the then Finance Minister and former Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, it was evident that the country was looking for some serious FDI. In the last five years, the perception changed further as more and more Indians appeared on the boards of successful startups, artists got global recognition and the small and medium sized service sector began to meet global standards and, more importantly, expectations. In spite of such a searing performance, the country continues to languish when it comes to the most important prerequisite for a healthy economy, a strong manufacturing sector.

Today, the transformation has begun in full throttle. The new government brings hopes of a manufacturing revival with a rather brave campaign that advocates consumption of products made in India. At the heart of this campaign lies an assurance that this is perhaps the best time to invest and manufacture in the country. The Make in India campaign is therefore one of the most ambitious yet logical strategy that aims and promises to boost manufacturing in the country. It is clear that the thrust will be on the small and medium scale companies while there will be significant efforts to make the atmosphere m ore manufacturing friendly.

What this means for apparel manufacturing

The textile industry in India has witnessed a number of ups and downs in the last ten years. In spite of the high demand being directly proportional to the population growth, the growing dispensable incomes, rapid westernization of tier II and tier III regions and the fact that India is one of the largest growers of cotton in the world, there appeared several cracks within the industry that required government intervention and significant debt restructuring. Without digging deep, it is evident that the only possible reason for the sector to not thrive in spite of the positive conditions is that the manufacturing segment might have been struggling due to the highly regulated and unfriendly environment. With Make in India, the new government has taken several initiatives that address the issues faced by manufacturing at its very root.

The scope, opportunity and initiative

Estimates published on the Make in India website indicate strong growth opportunities and significantly fast growth rate in terms of total fabric production, fiber production and export. The total size of the industry is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2016-17 from the present $67 billion. Textile and apparel exports are expected to rise by a strong $25 billion by 2016-17 from the present $40 billion. The total fabric production is also expected to close to double in the period with the present figures at 64 billion square meters and 2016-17 numbers expected to be around 112 billion square meters. Total fiber production is expected to grow from $7 billion in 2013-14 to $10 billion in 2016-17.

The recent Annual Budget saw the government take several measures to boost the textile and garment sector. Not only were new budgets allocated but there were also several infrastructure development initiatives that will be critical to the growth of the textile and garments sector in India.

Textiles and Garments Manufacturing

Textile and Garments Manufacturing

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Best Places to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is an unearthly, pictorial and pleasant country presenting tourists matchless changes for journey and exploration. The rugged islands are home to intense native jungles, mountains, beaches, glaciers, thermal areas and inlets that have been well-maintained by the environmentally-mindful government and ethnicity. Pristine and fantastic, the island state has something for each, including the following top visitor magnetisms in New Zealand.

  • Milford Sound
  • Bay of Islands
  • Tongariro National Park
  • Rotorua
  • Franz Josef Glacier
  • Kaikoura
  • Napier Art Deco
  • Sky Tower
  • Abel Tasman National Park
  • Coromandel Peninsula
Top Tourist Attraction in New Zealand

Top Tourist Attraction in New Zealand

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Indian Handloom Products in Spain

Spain is a well developed European country. Spain is a beautiful country as per natural view and well built buildings. Spanish is the main language of Spain, but there also uses English in some parts of the country. Madrid is the capital and main city of Spain. Other cities are Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Málaga, Murcia, Palma, Las Palmas, Bilbao.

Many Indians also stays in Spain for job purpose. Also visitors from every where in world visits Spain to observe natural beauty of  this country. Indian handloom and handicraft products like handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, ladies dress materials, handloom cotton shirts for men, patachitra art paintings, glass paintings etc. are very famous in Spain. These items exported to Spain from the old times. Now peoples of Spain can buy Indian handloom and handicraft products through online shopping store and got the same in their doorstep.

Handloom Silk Saree Sambalpuri Design Online

Handloom Silk Saree Sambalpuri Design Online

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Handicrafts of India Online Shopping

Indian handicraft items are very famous in India and abroad. Foreigners are always like to collect Indian handicraft items when they visit in India. Basically, handicraft items produced in interior places of India. From their need to collect the items. Indian handicrafts items made from white wood, bamboo, golden grass, palm leaf, animal’s horns, and various types of materials. Patachitra paintings and glass paintings also are very famous handicraft items in India. Now, Indian handicraft items available online shopping store. Peoples can buy Indian Handiraft items through online shopping store from anywhere in the world.

Handcrafted Patachitra Painting Online Shopping

Handcrafted Patachitra Painting Online Shopping

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Handloom Saree: A famous Indian Garment

A saree is always first choice of ladies. Now ladies are everywhere engaged in their working life. Now they share equal space with gentleman. In every working place we can see ladies are there. Say, in teaching, private sectors, other government jobs every where ladies are there. And in official purpose ladies always use sarees as their main garment. In sarees they looks always well and also they feel 100/% comfort. Handloom cotton sarees are the first choice as their official dress and in occasional purpose they use handloom silk sarees. Now they can collect handloom sarees through online shopping store.

Bargarh Cotton Handloom Saree Online Shopping

Bargarh Cotton Handloom Saree Online Shopping

Handloom Silk Sari for Wedding

Handloom Silk Sari for Wedding

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Bengali Beauty Kajol Love to Wear Handloom Sarees

We all know bollywood actress Kajol and also we love her acting styles and decent looks. Her dressing styles also very good and she always represent herself as an Indian beauty. Because, she prefer to wear Indian dresses. Handloom silk sarees her preferable choice. In any social gatherings, pujas, wedding reception etc. occasions we can see her with a gorgeous silk saree’s.

Kajol love to wear handloom sarees

Kajol love to wear handloom sarees

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Some blunders You Should Never Make While Wearing a Saree

A saree is clothing that makes you look good as well as attractive, yet in the most conventional approach. At the same time, it provides you an option to display your shape. However, there are different things that you want to take in mind of, in order to look you’re most excellent in this attractive Indian dress. If not worn correctly, the whole concentrate of dressing up in a saree may get ruined. Slight here or there can turn this stylish dress into a giant ruin.

Therefore, here are few objects that you should pass up when you choose to amaze in a saree: 

  • Wearing wrong shoes
  • Heavy jewellery
  • Experimenting the styles
  • Mismatch with the occasion
  • Adding too many aides
  • Misfit blouses
  • Flared petticoat
Patachitra Saree of Odisha Online Shopping

Patachitra Saree of Odisha Online Shopping

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