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Five South Asian Countries, Where Sari is Popular Female Garment

Sari is a very popular female garment in different south Asian countries. Sri is the unstitched cloths those are very much liked by the women of different south Asian countries. The countries, where the sari is a very popular female garment are India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. In these countries women very much like to wear saris.

Among all the south Asian countries India is a country where maximum number of women prefers to wear saris. Sari is the traditional cloth of the country India. As in India millions of Hindu peoples are leaving and in Hindu culture saris are very important cloths, those are also wearied by the Hindu goddess, so for Hindu people saris are very important. These are thousands of verities of saris are available in all over the India.

Saree is the best choice of Asian Women

Saree is the best choice of Asian Women

In different geographical locations different types of handloom sari are produced by the very skilled handloom weavers. Different varieties of saris made with different materials like cotton, silk and other are very much popular in all over the country.

Like India in some other countries are present where saris are very popular. As in Bangladesh and Pakistan also women prefer to wear saris. Before 1947 the country India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are part of a single country. In 1947 Pakistan becomes a country and after some years Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan. But as all three countries are parts of a same land so the culture and traditions are similar and sari is a best example of it. In all these three countries women very much like to wear saris.

And other countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka, their culture also similar with Indian cultures so in those countries are also women preferring sari to wear occasionally or in daily use.

So these are some things about the south Asian countries where sari is very popular female garment.

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Sambalpuri sari and their demand in Indian and International markets

Sambalpuri sari is a very popular and traditional handwoven sari of Odisha, India. The sari is also kinown as ikat or saree, in these types of saris the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. Mainly the Sambalpuri sari is produced in the Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Balangir district, Boudh District of Odisha, India. Sari is a popular and traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent consisting of a strip of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles, women in all over the Indian and in some other south Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka etc likes very much.

The demand of the Sambalpuri saris in all over the India is very huge, in every state women like to wear the sambalpuri silk and cotton saris. The weavers of sambalpuri silk sari and cotton sari produces very beautiful products by adding many traditional designs and very impressive colour combination. Motifs and themes of the Sambalpuri saris are very impressive and eye catching so most of the Indian women prefer to wear Sambalpuri sari silk and cotton saris.

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees Online

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees Online

Due to Indian women like the Sambalpuri sari and want to wear these saris at different special occasions like festivals, ritual functions, marriage functions etc. So the demand of Sambalpuri sari is very much in Indian market.

In international market also the demand of saris is huge, there are many Indian families are migrated to different countries and leaving their. The women in these families want to wear different varieties of saris in different festivals. Sambalpuri sari is also in very demand among the India women those are leaving in different countries.

The Indian women those are leaving in different countries outside of India faced many difficulties in buying saris due to unavailability of saris in their local market. These problems are solved by online shopping technology because the online shopping technology increases the availability of the products for them.

So these are some things about the Sambalpuri sari and their demand in Indian and International markets and how online shopping help in it.

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Srilanka is famous for handloom product’s.

In Srilanka you can found various types of handloom product’s available. Colombo is the main place in which you can get different types of cotton fabrics, curtains, table linen in affordable price.


Now in the modern days people get the various product’s from different online shopping store and from shopping mall. Try to visit colombo and get the unique product’s to keep your house alive.

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Traditional Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

Sambalpuri silk sarees are well known in India and also in the abroad. Sambalpuri silk sarees are woven by handloom and it’s famous for the fabrics and world class designs.

Ranges of the Sambalpuri saree consist of Pasapali, Sonepuri, Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta sarees, which are in big demand. Pictures on Tussar sarees portraying Mathura Vijay, Rashlila and Ayodhya Vijay owe their source to ‘Raghurajpur pata paintings’.


                                                            Sambalpuri Silk Sarees Online

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We are continuously adding value to handloom industry: Odisha Saree Store

Handloom industry is struggling for the survival due to the rival machine made products which can be produced quite quickly and at a cheaper price. This was leading to a lesser demand of handloom products in India. Now the need was identified that we need to reach to the mass of india who are not aware of that how much devotion and dedication is needed to create one handloom saree. Odisha Saree Store has taken an initiative to reach out to the people of the country and largely to the world presenting the Handloom products of India. After 2 years it seems like is now driving the pace and making the Handloom products available to the people of country and to world at a more reasonable price.


We have been able to reach out to the people who devotes much time on online shoppping and do not have time to go to the market and find some good thing for them. Giving variety of options to choose and making handloom saree within reach of many. The increasing demand obviously benefiting the manufacturers of the handloom saree or any other product. Giving them the legitimate price for their efforts and creating more and more demand which eventually reducing the price.


We are please to see smile on the faces who are creating these products and to the people who always wanted them to own one as well. Very recently Odisha saree store has got the export licence. we would now be able to facilitate with these creative beautiful Handloom sarees to the world by online shopping.

Do visit for regularly updating catalogs.

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Madhubala looks stunning in chiffon sarees.

Definitely you always want’s to dress up like madhubala? I love madhubala sarees because they are fashionable and stylish. Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is one of the most popular shows in colors. The beautiful actress Dhrasti Dhami appeared in many advertisement’s , dance program and many popular program’s.


Madhubala sari’s are always gorgeous because they are of different fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe and in many silk sarees which flatters to her body. Mostly she love to wear various color like red, yellow, pink, white, green and blacks. If you want’s to look like madhubala then try to buy saris from different online shopping stores.

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Devkund waterfalls of odisha.

Devkund means the bathtub of gods and goddesses, it is situated at a distance of 60 km from baripada. There is a beautiful temple located near to the devkund waterfalls called Ambika Temple. Devi Ambika(part of goddess durga) temple is such a temple which can attracts every visitors. It is surrounded by a great waterfalls and thick forests.


The Ambika  temple was built by royal dynasty of mayurbhanj in 1940. On Durga pujo festivals Maa Ambika celebrate for nine days with a great pomp, specially women’s offers the puja for nine days called Navaratri. On Navaratri festivals women’s wear the new traditional silk saree and offers the puja to maa with a great devotee. Peoples give the new saree to Ambika Maa at the time of dusshera festivals for the well wishes of their home. For dusshera festivals people buy various design’s of silk saree from several online shopping stores.

The most interesting scene is that in devkund waterfalls large fish was there and they come closer to eat the prasad from your hand. Visit to odisha at the time of dusshera festivals. One more interesting is that there are colorful butterflies and bird’s are moving all around.

To visit this temple you can go through by bus or train. This place is perfect for picnic spot, sight seeing etc.




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Indian women wear traditional saree in festivals.

In India several festivals held, but Ganesh Chaturthi is Starting festival of the year. Specially women’s welcome to ganesha for well wishes, so on that day women’s wear the traditional silk saree of different colors with matching bangles in their hand. Put the flowers(gajra) on their hair with different styles which gives them a beautiful look and good smell. Unmarried girl’s wear the kurti’s or salwar suit of different styles. They also decorate with matching bangles and jhumkas  for the festival. Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor wears the traditional blue silk saree with maharastrian styles on ganesh chaturthi festivals.



If you want’s to buy silk saree then try to buy from several online shopping stores or from traditional silk shops which is nearer to your home. So start shopping for fetsivals. It is a festival of joy and women’s buy the accessory with a warm smile in their face.

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Priyanka Chopra want’s to promote Indian handloom silk sarees.

The Bollywood Superstar Priyanka Chopra will be the brand ambassador for the handloom silk saree . Now she will promote the handloom silk sarees on International Platforms. The Bollywood queen is all sets to give  wings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream for banarasi silk saree.


Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to the weavers to give a brand name for the traditional banarasi silk saree all over the world. That’s way  Priyanka Chopra would help Banarasi saree to make a brand name in the global market. Now Banarsi sarees available in different online shopping stores. Bridal also try to buy silk sarees online.

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Saree Shopping in Cuttack for coming Durga Puja

Cuttack city celebrate durga puja in a big bash. All the city decorated with lighting. People of this twin city love to  do shopping ahead of puja and gift dresses, sarees to their relatives.

Sarees Shopping rapidly grow during this puja from which starts before Ganesh Chaturthi. MOst of the shop offer discount on all items like dress materials, silk sarees, cotton sarees, handloom dupattas and many more.

Shopping areas look crowded and full of Discount Sale Banner all around city. Most people love to buy sarees from baxibazar, badambadi, shopping malls and even now a days through online saree shopping websites. Online Stores are easy for customers who do not have much time for shopping but can do it online when ever got time on internet at home or office.

What are thinking? Go for it. Shop now for coming pujas Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Diwali and Laxmi Puja.

Saree shopping in durga puja

Puja Sale with discount

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Handloom Sarees Online Shopping in Canada | Tradition and culture of India

Canada can be think as a small indian city because indian from all corner of our country started living in canada. Indian women’s always love to wear the traditional silk  saree in several festival  which held in canada. Saree only gives you the elgance and beautiful look in crowdy place.

If  you want’s to buy indian saree then try from various online shopping sites. Handloom sarees are too unique from other saree and it gives a unique look in crowdy place .

Online Shopping celebrated 20th Birth day on Aug 11 2014

Online Shopping celebrated 20th Birth day on Aug 11 2014

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Types of Indian Rangoli made in home.

Rangoli is a very popular form art in India. It usually drawn by the Indian women by wearing new cotton sarees. Rangoli  always made in front of the door gates. The reason is that to welcome guest, god and any homemade festivals. Basically the color of rangoli is white, it is dyed in different colors creating an attractive and multicolored design’s.


Rangoli specially made in different festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Onam, Pongal, and so many Indian festivals. In kerela the onam festival celebrated in a great way by decorating their homes by flower rangoli which gives a natural beauty. In odisha at the time of laxmi puja the women’s art the rice made rangoli in the house and looks all white flowers present in the earth. It always symbolize to bring the good luck in the house.

Rangoli always reflects the tradition and culture of art. There are different types of Rangoli made in India.

– Chowk

– Dotted Rangoli

– Free hand Rangoli

– Flowers Petal Rangoli

– Alpana

– Wooden Rangoli

– Floating Rangoli

– Glasss Rangoli

-Sanskar Rangoli

If you want to buy new cotton sarees online then try to buy from Indian Online shopping stores. You can get variety cotton sarees in affordable place.


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Buy Salwar Kameez online in affordable price.

India women are the most beautiful in the entire world. The beauty of Indian ladies is complimented by wearing the traditional costumes like silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, handloom cotton salwars kameez, lehenga, half sarees. But todays life most women loves to wear saree in everyday life or any ocassions, to look elegance and graceful. On other hand handloom cotton salwar kameez gives you the unique look with comfortable  in every seasonal wear. Salwar kemeez is the stylish and fashionable wear in every festival and in award function. Mostly Bollywood actress wears the designer salwar kameez in several function.


The Bollywood actress wears the  cotton salwar  kameez and looks beautiful and simple. Salwar Kameez will be the comfortable wear for every women’s who goes to office and for any homemade work. Young girls wear the salwar kameez in several festivals. You can buy the cotton salwar from several online shopping stores with wide range which will make you the shopping too enjoyable.

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Wear traditional khandua silk saree on janmastami festival.

In India janmastami festival celebrate in great pomp, on this special day  women’s wear the traditional khandua silk sarees and men’s wear the kurta on this festival. People wear the new dresses from the starting festival to the mid night on that day.  The main view is Dahi Handi festival in which the man wears the white kurta or yellow kurta .The temple pujari wears the cotton dhoti on that day.


On janmastami festival lord jagannath, lord Balabhadra, Godess Shubhadra wears traditional silk sarees. temple border design sarees also give a unique look on the festival day. Try to buy the handloom silk sarees from several online stores. Only online shopping helps to buy the traditional silk sarees from several stores.

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Wear cotton or kahdi sarees on this Independence day.

After one day Independence day will come,so try to wear some plain white cotton sarees and spread the peace everywhere. On this special day the celebrity wears the white cotton sarees or khadi outfits. Cotton sarees and khadi are one of the oldest fabrics in India at the time of Mahatma Gandhi. Indian’s love to wear cotton sarees with proud and honour.

Independence day celebration fashion

Every politician’s love to wear khadi  white kurta and cotton fabrics on the Independence day to look simple and stylish. Cotton is such a fabric which gives too much comfort and classy look. If you want’s to look classy on this Independence day then try to buy  unique white cotton sarees from several online shopping stores. In every online stores you will get the variety cotton sarees available.

Happy Independence Day.

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